Your Very Own Piece of HollywoodTM
For the first time in history, is using a patented technology that allows the potential audience to invest in a movie, observe the filmmaking process, and get a free DVD copy of the movie when it is completed. Never before has an audience been offered the opportunity to purchase a copy of a movie in advance of production.

Our recently patented technology allows an investor to buy as little as one share of stock and receive a free copy of the movie as a dividend. Furthermore, each Shareholder will actually be able to share in the profits generated from worldwide theatrical, television, cable and home video distribution of the movie.

As a Shareholder in a CinemaShares movie, you will also receive a lot of other fun benefits. After purchasing at least one share of fully-listed, publicly traded stock from the CinemaShares Web site you will also be able to observe some of the actual making of your movie, and even be a part of the filmmaking process. You will have valuable e-mail input to the producers and director of the movie, you will receive streaming video clips from the set, and you will be entered into contests such as a chance to appear in the movie, and have dinner with the movie's stars.

All of these fun benefits are yours when you purchase a share of stock in a CinemaShares movie, and that's why we think you'll say it is - Your Very Own Piece of Hollywood.


We are not yet selling stock in our first movie, but for a limited time, until we do sell stock, you may become a member and receive the same benefits as a shareholder
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