Corporate Information
Current Internet examples of fan financing or crowdfunding worldwide:


A two-page summary of our Unique and U. S Patented Business Method:


PowerPoint describing our unique Business method:

A link to our U.S. Patent:

(U. S. Patent # 6792411)


A Comparison showing an analysis of the MediaShares film-financing method compared to traditional methods:

• MS_Financing_Methods_Comparison_S.xls

Expected Revenues from the First Licensee Company:

• Livingstone Projections.xls

Financial Projections for, the parent company and Patent Holder for all Licensee Companies:

• MediaShares_$3mm_Budget.xls

Valuation of based on DCF from projected revenues:

• MediaShares_Valuation.doc

Document detailing our first IPO:

• MediaShares_DPO_Direct_Registration.doc