Crowdfunding for Financing Movies!

Buy One Share of Stock – Get a Free DVD - has invented a unique, new method of Crowdfunding movies that guarantees you an “agreed fair return” on your investment! You can’t lose on an investment in one of our movies. And we’re the only ones that can offer you this because we’ve got an issued U.S. Patent on our business method.

But whoa there partner, not so fast. We’re not actually selling stock yet, but when we do, real soon, here’s how it’s going to work:

Right here on the Web site, you’ll see a color storyboard synopsis of a movie, you’ll be able to click through to an online Broker/Dealer and you’ll be able to BUY STOCK IN ONE MOVIE, not stock in an entertainment conglomerate. And you can buy as little as ONE SHARE! You won’t have to bet the whole farm on a movie - about twenty dollars for one share of our stock.

But wait! That’s not the whole deal! After the movie comes out, shareholders get A FREE DVD AS A STOCK DIVIDEND! That’s right, a free DVD, either mailed to you or you can pick it up in person at your favorite video store.

And that’s not all! Shareholders also get their share of the film’s earnings. If the movie is a big hit, you could double your money. But even if the movie doesn’t make a profit, you’ll still get the video. So in essence, what you’re really doing is buying the video before the movie is made, with a chance to make your twenty dollars back and maybe even with a profit.

Still don’t trust us with your twenty-dollar investment? Well hey, that’s why we’re going to let shareholders keep an eye on the production and watch streaming video from the set.  You’ll also get to give us your opinions and vote on some stuff on the Web site to help us out. You’ll also receive video-mail updates throughout the production.

Big Fan of Movie Stars? Like contests? As a shareholder, you will be automatically entered into contests to have dinner with the stars of the movie, and maybe even come to the premier! And if you’re a frustrated performer, we’ll be having more contests where you’ll have a chance to be in the movie!


So once again, here’s what you’d get when you buy just one share of stock in a movie:

A fully listed, publicly trading share of stock!

A free DVD copy of the movie!

Streaming video clips from the set!

Give your feed back to the producers!

A chance to have dinner with the stars!

A chance to be in the movie!

Your share of the film’s earnings!

All for twenty bucks?
Yep, all for twenty bucks.

Wow, with everyone else, all you get is the stock.

(They’re gonna go out of business.)

So why not sign in with your e-mail address on our Web site?  If you do, we’ll notify you just as soon as we’re selling stock in our first big movie.


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